Manage your local reef

We will be starting with our deployments in August and would love to have you apply to get free access to our system. We'll have more information coming shortly. Submitting the application form doesn't obligate you, if you have questions please first take a look at our FAQ  page and if you don't get the answer you're looking for then email

Your Obligations

You will be given a free smart buoy but there are some things you will be expected to do or provide:

  1. Pay for shipping and any applicable duties

  2. Obtain any necessary permits (if applicable)

  3. Provide and attach a ballast (e.g. 60lb kettlebell)

  4. Deploy spotter with mooring weight (can be done from a kayak)

  5. Maintain spotter (inspect and clean every 6 months)

  6. Conduct initial and periodic photographic surveys and upload imagery to our website

Application Form