Aqualink is a philanthropically funded system to help people manage their local marine ecosystems in the face of increasing Ocean temperatures. The system consists of satellite-connected underwater temperature sensors and photographic surveys to allow for remote collaboration with scientists across the world. If you are concerned about the effect of climate change on your local reef and want to do something about it then please apply to get a smart buoy for free.


What Can You Do?

Each Citizen Scientist will get a free spotter buoy which transmits data over satellite to our web servers. After a simple installation, the spotter smart buoy will automatically start transmitting information on temperature, wind, and waves. To help you understand the cause-and-effect of temperatures on your local reef a website gives you the ability to upload survey imagery correlated to temperature changes.

A Global System

We’re excited to have received close to 200 applications from all over the world in our first week! As you can see from this map the reef locations are distributed throughout the globe and we’d love to see even more so please apply.